Update 1.5

A* Path finding Hey all, so A* is implemented and it’s working wonderfully for the Control Objects. It is implemented into the NPC and Creature Objects as well, but there isn’t a working example. I just really wanted to get this update out there for you guys.

On a side note, I came across Doxygen the other day which sparked motivation to increase the comments in the code. With this, I was able to create some very nice documentation for the DC/RTS Controller, located here: Documentation. I will be doing this for the other systems as well, as time goes on. I’m sure some of you will be very pleased by this; I sure am.

Update Notes:

  • Added PathFinder class
    • Calculates a path using the A* pathfinding system
    • Generates a path a long an initial GridGenerator.GridSquare and final GridGenerator.GridSquare
      • Also can use a Unity3D Transform object with the initial square and final square
  • Wrapped the GridGenerator.GridSquare Objects around the GridGenerator.GridSquareQuadrant class.
    • This allows for each grid to contain a GridGenerator.GridQuadSize of GridGenerator.GridSquare Objects.
  • Added lots of comments to code

February Update

Hey all!

I’ve been working on the A* path finding system for the DC/RTS Controller, and it has been going well. I have the path calculating the correct path, which I’ve seen no hang time on a grid of about 8000 GridSquares. I’ve tested up to 30000 GridSquares so far and haven’t notice any hang time with that count as well.

This new PathFinder class uses the GridGenerator to calculate the best path a long the GridSquares. All that’s left is to incorporate the generated path amongst a desired ControlObjects, so I should be able to get this completed later today, or within the coming days for sure. This update wont include the formations yet, but that is next on the list; I’ll be submitting this update shortly.

PathFinder Preview

New Update

Hey all,

I added a new update for the DC/RTS Controller, as well as published a new video showing what the new update contains.

This isn’t the full update I was wanting to release, but it is a decent update at that. This is basically the prelude for the update to come, which will utilize the new GridGenerator for use for pathfinding, formations, and other concepts I can think of.

– Chazix

Update 1.4

Grid Generator SystemHey all, here is a partial update. The highlights include changes to the camera behavior more so programmatically, as well as the GridGenerator and aspects surrounding that. The GridGenerator will be utilized in a future update for path finding, formations and other aspects I can think of; that update is currently in the works.

The Generator works by generating GridSquares a long the xz plane, where a slope value is best determined based around how parallel an object is with either the x or z axis.

Update Notes:

  • Added a sloped Platform .fbx model, included with a uv texture map
  • Added a GridGenerator
    • The GridGenerator.cs script will generate a grid a long the xz plane with various attributes
      (rows, colums, width, height, depth, min/max angle, rigidity)
    • Includes an Ignore Mask, ignoring particular objects within that Layer; exlusion from raycast
    • Sloped Objects need to be parallel to either the x or z axis for this to work properly
  • Changed camera behavior
    • Made it so the main camera will always rotate around a fixed point
    • updated zooming in and out, which the min and max zoom values can be changed in the Main Camera inspector
    • Added “Ignore Mask” option in the MovementSelectionBehavior.cs script.
      • This tells the camera not to include these objects in a raycast to determine it’s rotate point

Update 1.05

  • Fixed a bug when hovering over another GameObject with the same Object Name
  • Added the Tooltip Mouse Follow functionality to the GUIController.cs script
    • This allows the active_tooltip to follow the mouse position when hovering over a GameObject

October Update

Hey all,

I recently added a new package called: SwipeAction on the Unity3D Asset Store. Check out the pages for more information.

I have also added a video explaining and showing the package; I’m planning on doing this for the other projects as well. Let me know what you think.

Other than that, I’ve still been busy with school and other various projects. I’ll be graduating from the school I am currently at fairly soon, where I’ll then be off to the next adventure.

Swipe Action

Swipe Action The Swipe Action system has been designed around the Android platform, to allow for swipe direction determination. Swipe DirectionsUp, Up Right, Right, Down Right, Down, Down Left, Left, Up Left, Single Point and Undefined are the different detected directions. With this, you can manipulate your game world to react to the different swiping directions, the swiping is visualized with a trail renderer. These different manipulations can be applied within the provided PlayerController.cs class object. This class object in general, contains all the code relating to the specific MainPlayer functionality, that the script is attached to. Continue reading

July Update

Hey all,

It’s been a busy time. Some of you may have noticed a couple new Unity3D systems: Scrolling Text System and the more recent Dialog Controller. The scrolling text system is more so just a scrolling text injecting system, which can be injected into any game object within the Unity environment. This can be used for displaying damage text, or healing text within a game, or anything else that comes to your mind. Somewhat similarly, the dialog controller is more so a complete dialog injector where text is read in based off the attached game object’s dialog state. The text files are sorted based off the given name of the game object.

Other than that I’ve still been working on school work throughout the summer, I’ve been taking a couple humanities courses for the required credit. Both of them have been very interesting. In the meantime I’m working on adding these two other systems to the site with more information on how to use it, as well as what it is.

– Chazix