Update 1.4

Grid Generator SystemHey all, here is a partial update. The highlights include changes to the camera behavior more so programmatically, as well as the GridGenerator and aspects surrounding that. The GridGenerator will be utilized in a future update for path finding, formations and other aspects I can think of; that update is currently in the works.

The Generator works by generating GridSquares a long the xz plane, where a slope value is best determined based around how parallel an object is with either the x or z axis.

Update Notes:

  • Added a sloped Platform .fbx model, included with a uv texture map
  • Added a GridGenerator
    • The GridGenerator.cs script will generate a grid a long the xz plane with various attributes
      (rows, colums, width, height, depth, min/max angle, rigidity)
    • Includes an Ignore Mask, ignoring particular objects within that Layer; exlusion from raycast
    • Sloped Objects need to be parallel to either the x or z axis for this to work properly
  • Changed camera behavior
    • Made it so the main camera will always rotate around a fixed point
    • updated zooming in and out, which the min and max zoom values can be changed in the Main Camera inspector
    • Added “Ignore Mask” option in the MovementSelectionBehavior.cs script.
      • This tells the camera not to include these objects in a raycast to determine it’s rotate point

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