Update 1.62

Hey all.

Adjacent StackingGridGeneratorEditorPreviewUpdate v1.62 finally allows for non-stacking Control Objects when moving to a new position. It determines where to move based off the Adjacent Grid Squares, once the position has been chosen to move to. This update also implements deeper feature into the Observer Creation Method. Where the worker object first moves to the designated build position, and then begins the building of a new Grid Object that was chosen to build. A lot of other minors fixes and tweaks were also implemented to allow for smoother flow. I also added a preview feature when the GridGenerator is selected, when viewing it in the Unity3D scene view.
Let me know if you encounter any problems or bugs.

  • Made the UpdatePositionToggle class it’s own File
  • The GridGenerator now contains a preview feature when selected in scene view
  • Added Function: CalculateParticularPath in PathFinder
    • When accessing the path finder you can now simply just get the desired calculated path
  • When in Observer Creation Mode
    • Worker objects will now move to the location where building
    • It now takes time to build a GridObject
  • When in RTS Mode
    • Control Objects will no longer stack ontop of each other when moving to a location
    • The Control Objects will fill up the adjacent Grid Squares
  • A lot of other minor code fixes

8 thoughts on “Update 1.62

  1. Thanks alot! I have been waiting your next update and now I will definitely purchase your rts-controller! 🙂 what are the next planned features? And how finished rts game template are you going to do of it?

    • Hey hyde,

      Thank you for your interest. This update is still in the Unity Asset Store queue, but it should be approved tomorrow hopefully. All depends on how busy Unity is. My end goal of the RTS portion is to have a complete RTS system with majority / all / new features relating to the genre.

      My next planned feature is to spruce up the current scene with various models, I’m really wanting to change the current cylinders to an actual soldier like unit. Combat is definitely in the coming future, as well as more concepts related to the WorkerClass and what they can do. With that I’m also wanting to add some more GridObjects, as well as an editor menu for creating them easily. That also goes for just using the system as a whole, editor integration for smoother flow.

  2. good work on the update, ive been working with this for a while and a lot of what ive done youve done like integrating pathfinding, it feels like a waste now ive put the time to it and now its in the box, oh well so i guess it would be smart to synch what im doing with your updates, could i request that you prioritize some basic attacks, a melee, and a ranged attack, (my project is using guns) and using models will help as well as long as its easy to swap em out for any others, i dunno how hard it would be but perhaps if it worked with mecanim that seems to be the future, some sort of formation designer and controls would be awesome in the future but what this addon really needs next is combat mechanics

    thanks for the great addon 😉

    • Thanks Ming, I’m glad it has been useful for you. I agree with combat, that is what I’ve been working on actually. I also have a soldier model I’m using that is being distributed for free on the Asset Store. I sent a message to the author of that model asking for permission to use it. No reply yet, but hopefully I’ll get a reply before long. The model works very well tho, it has some amazing animations and it fits so perfectly with the DC/RTS Controller.

  3. Looks amazing! I like what you’ve done.

    However; I am wondering if this asset supports unit order queues. An example of this is shift+right-clicking to set waypoints that the actor(s) will move to in serial.

    Also, any plans for patrolling?


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