Game Bar Creation System

Game Bar CreationIn the Game Bar Creation System you’re able to simplistically create and utilize any type of bar needed for visual incrementation, such as a health bar, mana bar or experience bar, etc. By default, you can either use a Globe Bar or a Rectangular Bar style in which this will be how the bar will increment.

The main class that ties the Bar functionality together is the: ScrollBarEssentials. This class when derived from will allow you to create any desired bar. This comes with example and base systems to help show you how to create and use this system. A HealthSystem, ManaSystem, ExperienceSystem are included, as well as a GlobeBarSystem to show you how the system can be harnessed.

As you can see in the above image, there are numerous amounts of different combinations of GameBars that you can create for your project(s). You can change the individual textures to represent a single bubble of any particular bar, you can also change what the scrolling color texture looks like as well, same goes for the GlobeBarSystem. Not only that, you can also change the orientation and rotation of any GameBar to satisfy your desired needs.

It isn’t too complicated to setup your GameBars. The way that I have done it is: I created a separate class that stores all the required variables needed to create the desired bar, which is attached to the Main Camera. Within that class, the functionality of the system is also being initialized, drawn, and updated.

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