Update 1.5

A* Path finding Hey all, so A* is implemented and it’s working wonderfully for the Control Objects. It is implemented into the NPC and Creature Objects as well, but there isn’t a working example. I just really wanted to get this update out there for you guys.

On a side note, I came across Doxygen the other day which sparked motivation to increase the comments in the code. With this, I was able to create some very nice documentation for the DC/RTS Controller, located here: Documentation. I will be doing this for the other systems as well, as time goes on. I’m sure some of you will be very pleased by this; I sure am.

Update Notes:

  • Added PathFinder class
    • Calculates a path using the A* pathfinding system
    • Generates a path a long an initial GridGenerator.GridSquare and final GridGenerator.GridSquare
      • Also can use a Unity3D Transform object with the initial square and final square
  • Wrapped the GridGenerator.GridSquare Objects around the GridGenerator.GridSquareQuadrant class.
    • This allows for each grid to contain a GridGenerator.GridQuadSize of GridGenerator.GridSquare Objects.
  • Added lots of comments to code

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