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  1. The game runs very smooth, the understanding of the control scheme is not too hard to grasp, as far a concept. The music could use a “silence at minimize” option but overall, a very pleasing experience!

  2. The level immediately after you got the red energy you had to switch back to blue. You never prompt me with how to switch so I ended up pressing buttons until I hit 1. Then realized that the energy was numbered to the keys. But putting a little hint there would be nice.

    I really enjoy the game when you get to move quickly through the levels. Some of the layout of the coins were in places where you had to stop and jump back to get them. It would be better if you could be able to run through a level perfectly and collect them all without stopping. Maybe you can and I just suck?

    The blue energy section I was avoiding it at first because it looked very familiar to the exits so I didn’t want to touch it. I couldn’t figure out what to do so I eventually just jumped into it. A color change on the exit door colors or changing blue energy to sometime else would be a good thing to do, so you don’t confuse the player. Or just add like an exit text inside the circles you leave.

    Same with red the first time I encountered it I thought it was dangerous because red is usually associated with bad things. So consider putting a prompt telling the player it is a launch ability as soon as you jump in the level.

    A quick cycle button should definitely be implemented. There were some spots that were a bit tricky or slow and could be faster if you could swap through your powers faster. Like binding a swap between the last two previous powers on q and hitting e will cycle through all of them. It definitely would make the player feel awesome if they draw and red line swap to blue while shooting across to hit something.

    On that note building upon levels that combine powers onward. These are great levels to teach you how to use each but from now on combining them would be better. Really think about opening up the levels with more space and gaps so players chain red lines and shooting blue bullets.

    I think increasing the projectile speed of the blue bullets would go a long way. You are usually waiting to see if you actually hit the squares. Increasing the speed makes it almost instantaneous so when you speed up the levels and add comboing skills it won’t make it frustrating.

    Final note is the purple energy level. The last turret I kept dying there over and over. It’s definitely one of those places when I really wished there was a quick cycle. I ended up drawing a red line across after placing a bunch of purple around the turret to launch across. Once across I shot the blue cube re-purpled the turret and jump out into a red launcher up to the exit. When I finally could do it it was awesome! So definitely quick cycle! But my main thoughts on this section was the purple ability seems really weak. I was really having trouble slowing down enough of the bullets long enough to get passed. Maybe increase the size of the purple ability and slow a bit more but then increase its cost. Increasing the size of it will also allow you to like make a level with a bunch of turrets in a hall way. Then the player themselves can travel through the purple orbs dodging the turret bullets inside the slow motion circles. Just an interesting idea. Tweaking the power of the purple ability needs to be slightly turned up in some matter to make getting through that section a bit easier.

    Overall it was really fun. The game is at it best when you a move through levels fast and combining abilities. I really love the red ability. Use it more! The game has great potential.

  3. i thought the game was pretty solid thought it needed an options menu maybe more collectabes like that are hidden and a reward for collecting them. had some problems with the last turret in level 8 couldn’t really slow things down well enough maybe I’m just bad at it.

  4. I agree with what Josh and Zach have said on this game. I felt that it would have been a bit easier to figure out at first that you can use the numbers for the energy. I figured it out after seeing numbers next to the energy at the top of the screen a short while later. So possibly make it stand out a bit more so there won’t be as much confusion.

    I was iffy when I got to the first part with the blue energy section because I mistook it for the portal to the next level. So possibly change the portal colors to something different such as yellow so that the player doesn’t try and avoid it at first glance.

    I feel like the flow to each level was pretty good and the design was nice as well. It was simple in a way but sleek as well. I also found the music very fitting for this game.

    The only problem I had in the game is near the end where there is a turret and you have to hit the box and go up to the portal. It was hard in some points trying to get the red to allow me to move over to the other side. Sometimes it would fade away to fast for me to even move through it.

    Overall, I enjoyed the game 🙂

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