March 2014 : Quick Update

Hello all,

I just wanted to make a long overdue post about my current status. I’ve still been developing full time throughout my absence from these particular Unity3D projects, however it has been strictly focused around my university. During this process I have also been engaged in group game projects, in hopes to become familiar working with other people on a project, this is of course part of the curriculum however.

The notable projects I have completed since last August are:

  • A platformer game with physical related dynamics for solving puzzles, avoiding enemies and collecting orbs. We ended up calling this game, Luminous. This was written using python a long with an in house game engine. Pleasingly, this game turned out well enough to be placed on the student game’s library, located: Here
  • A self sensing miniaturized car written in assembly using the pic18f452 micro-controller, this project was very intense, but definitely interesting. The goal was to read from the four infrared sensor attached to the car to make it avoid obstacles by turning left, right or stopping and going backward.
  • Participation in the Last Ludum Dare with a group of fellow colleagues, called “There is only one… ninja!” My task was to implement the AI for when there aren’t any other players playing.
  • Countless assignments in both c and c++, which the last couple months have been focused around linked lists, just implementations of our own lists. Before that it has been assignments revolving around just obtaining familiarity with using c and c++. These assignments are still a continual process alongside my current group project.
  • Currently, my main focus has been on another group related game project, which our Alpha Presentation will be this coming Friday. The game is an isometric hack and slash, with various destructible objects and enemies to interact with. The interesting part of this project has been it is written entirely in c, with help from an in-house graphics wrapper the university provides. Other than that, everything is bare-bones.

My plans upon completion of this semester, which will be the end of April, is to begin work on an actual game that can be released to the public, with a friend of mine, as well of course continuation and updates of the particular Unity3D projects that I support and maintain.

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