Dialog Controller

Dialog ControllerThe Dialog Controller has been designed to display dialog popups filled with textual data at the locations where a particular dialog is taking place.

Data is read in from text files within the Resources directory within the Unity project folder. The text files are sorted and separated based off the name of the desired game object given within it’s own script behavior. Also, within it’s own script behavior, this is where its initial dialog state is set, this determines the initial read in dialog. Resources InformationAs seen within this image, this shows how what I call the NPC (Non-Player Character) game objects dialog data is sorted to be picked when needed for the read in NPC’s particular dialog state.

This data is picked based off the attached Dialog Controller script attached to the NPC. The Resource Data Location is used to determine where the text files are located within the Resources folder. Also, and importantly, the Initial Dialog State locates the initial dialog text within the text files, I will explain this more in depth later on. Dialog Game Object InfoThe next image shows the inputs I gave the NPC Behavior script and Dialog Controller script based off my example for the individual NPC objects. Within my scene initializing script I dynamically create and change the Name attribute within the NPC Behavior script. Continue reading

May Update II

Hey all,

I finally got around to adding in information on the Game Bar Creation System page.

Also, as you may know I added an update for both the DC/RTS Controller, the update highlighting multi-selection within the RTS mode, and also an update for the Game Bar Creation System for a GlobeBarSystem, similarly to what you would find in Dungeon Crawler games.

Go ahead and check it out if you’re interested!

– Chazix

Update 1.3

  • Added a toggle for choosing either RTS or DungeonCrawler specific

  • Added a multi-selection system for the RTS specific side
    • This comes with the standard drag and drop of a rectangle to select the ControlObjs, you can change the color of it in the main scripts settings. (MultiSelectMaterial)
    • You can also add into the multi-selection by holding down the Left Alt Key by default, this can also be changed.

  • Removed the toggle_light functionality when selecting something,
    but changed it to a plane with a texture splat onto it called: SelectedIndicator.
    • If you need this again please let me know, or re-add it in yourself
      by comparing the past version with this version in terms of the
      toggle_light attached to the prefabs.

Please Email me at: m11hut@gmail.com if you encounter any bugs.

May Update

Hey all,

I have a little free time this weekend, thus I’m working on another update for the DC/RTS Controller.

In this update you can expect:

  • Toggles to Choose Either Dungeon Crawler or RTS specific controls
  • Multi-Selection for when the Controller is RTS specific
  • I’m also planning on increasing the price due to the increase in features and complexity (If you already purchased it you’ll still be able to update no problem)

I’ve been busy with school as you can expect, only need a few more classes and part of the degree is achieved.

– Chazix

Chazix Scripts Update

Hey all,

I still have more plans in the works for the DC/RTS Controller, as well as new projects in mind. Don’t expect them anytime soon however, Spring Quarter started back up here last Monday, as you can expect that’s going to take up a good chunk of time. Stuff is still being worked on at the same time, but the pace wont be as quick, so stay tuned! :)

– Chazix

Update 1.2

  • Added a Light Toggle for selecting a new move to position
  • Added Rotation of Camera using Q and E keys
  • Added Snap to Active ControlObject around a Circle when the Follow Toggle Key is pressed
  • Updated Text above the individual object handlers to always be centered above the object

DC/RTS Update

Hey all,

I’m currently working on an update for the DC/RTS Controller. Re-working how the ControlObjects move as well as adding a movement confirmation light toggle.

Hopefully will have this live soon.

I’m also planning to extend each movement style, allowing you to choose specifically a Dungeon Crawler controller or RTS controller. Instead of the present combined aspects of both. Likewise getting information up on here about the other projects.

In the mean time, check out: Chazix Scripts on the Unity3D asset store.

– Chazix

Game Bar Creation System

Game Bar CreationIn the Game Bar Creation System you’re able to simplistically create and utilize any type of bar needed for visual incrementation, such as a health bar, mana bar or experience bar, etc. By default, you can either use a Globe Bar or a Rectangular Bar style in which this will be how the bar will increment.

The main class that ties the Bar functionality together is the: ScrollBarEssentials. This class when derived from will allow you to create any desired bar. This comes with example and base systems to help show you how to create and use this system. A HealthSystem, ManaSystem, ExperienceSystem are included, as well as a GlobeBarSystem to show you how the system can be harnessed.
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