Update 1.3

  • Added a toggle for choosing either RTS or DungeonCrawler specific

  • Added a multi-selection system for the RTS specific side
    • This comes with the standard drag and drop of a rectangle to select the ControlObjs, you can change the color of it in the main scripts settings. (MultiSelectMaterial)
    • You can also add into the multi-selection by holding down the Left Alt Key by default, this can also be changed.

  • Removed the toggle_light functionality when selecting something,
    but changed it to a plane with a texture splat onto it called: SelectedIndicator.
    • If you need this again please let me know, or re-add it in yourself
      by comparing the past version with this version in terms of the
      toggle_light attached to the prefabs.

Please Email me at: m11hut@gmail.com if you encounter any bugs.

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