Update 1.6

  • Added GridObjectCreation system
    • Contains two different building methods
      • Master method: Player controls all creation matter
      • Observer method: ControlObjHandler WorkerClass object controls all creation matter
    • ObjectCreationGUIController
      • Attaches to the Main Camera for allowing variable declarations for the GridObjectCreation system
    • GridObjectCreation Class
      • Handles the Grid Object Creation of GridObject objects
      • This class is also used for handling the options of ControlObjects when in the Observer build method
    • GridObject Class
      • Represents a GridObject for manipulation on the GridGenerator. These objects allow for dynamic GridGenerator.GridSquare calculation.
      • GridObject objects require their own class if used for options creation
        • See SimpleShackHandler for an example
    • Control Objects that are used for within the Observer method need their own separate class
      • See WorkerClass for example
  • Added TimerBarSystem
    • Utilizes the ScrollBarEssentials class for use of a timed based Game Bar System
      • This is currently used only for the Master build method, however the next update will include timed based building within the Observer method
  • Changed the structure of the scripts folder within the Unity Inspector – More organized
  • Separated a function in GridGenerator for calculating a particular area of the Grid
  • Added a previously selected List return typed function to MultiSelectToggle
  • Added a previously selected Transform return typed function to SelectionBehavior

4 thoughts on “Update 1.6

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    • Hopefully before too long. The last update, v1.52 took a good week to get accepted. I think it’ll be live either sometime tonight or tomorrow if all goes well on there end, depends on how busy they are.

  2. Have been wanting to make an RTS style game for years now but have never really known how to get started with one and I’ve just come across your DC/RTS controller in the asset store and decided to take the plunge and purchase it (my first asset store purchase :D) I have to say I’m very impressed with the work you’ve put into this and look forward to future updates.

    It would be nice to see more updates to the RTS side of this project as there isn’t really any other RTS starter pack asset available on the store so this has been quite valuable to me, thank you 🙂

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