May Update

Object Creation ExampleHey all, I’ve been working on the DC/RTS Controller for a good while now. I’ll have a new update, v1.6 coming out within the next few days. This update includes both new and tweaked systems. The new one is the Grid Object Creation System, this allows customization of objects for creation on the Grid Generator. Such as a building that produces more Player Objects (Control Objects), this system also has two different settings for the Creation System Type. With this comes a few other new scripts for it’s system, such as a GUI Controller and the other correlating scripts. There is also a new Scroll Bar called a Timer Bar System for use with the Object Creation System. I’ve also changed the rectangular selection GUI gfx for when an object is selected. Overall, I’ve added more code relating to the RTS system, fixes, tweaks and even a more organized inspector for the scripts folder.

This update has taken a bit longer than I would have liked, but nonetheless, look forward to this in the coming days!

– Chazix Scripts

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