LD 30

I didn’t have enough game play to justify uploading what I’ve done. This was a more challenging Ludum Dare for me. I’ve been working on an engine using SDL and OpenGL w/ c++ over the summer and I thought I’d use Ludum Dare 30 as motivation to iron out problems encountered while working with the engine.LD 30This definitely turned into a fairly decent tech demo, I’ll continue to work on it some more to see what else I can do. It also lead me to creating some new pieces to the engine that should have been there earlier. It was a lot fun!

LD29 Jam Entry: Submersion

Submersion is a two-player local co-op platformer, where you traverse your submarine, maintaining it. The sub has become trapped within the middle of a naval minefield, it is your tasks to keep it intact for as long as you can.

Here’s where you can find our entry:

Here’s where you can play the game:

Take a look at the controls before you begin:

The ship is composed of four various terminal devices. The far left, controls the balist, the up and downward movement of the sub. The engine, which controls the thrust of the engine. The missile terminal, activating missiles which move towards the mouse, and the rotational lever which allows you to rotate your sub. All of which are activated by either the Q, E, < or >, depending on which player you are. You also fix leaks by being in range of them and pressing either E or >.

Thank you for your interest! This was our second Ludum Dare, definitely the most challenging one so far. It was lots of fun to make though. Overall, we were just trying to get something to work, but it turned out better than we expected.