Update 1.52

  • Separated MovementSelectionBehavior.cs into two separate scripts
    • CamMovementBehavior.cs
      • Handles events relating towards movement of the Camera
    • SelectionBehavior.cs
      • Handles events relating towards selecting Control, NPC and Creature Objects
  • If a GridSquare is now selected for path finding that can’t be reached, the closest GridSquare will be chosen instead
  • Added a HealthSystem utilizing my Game Bar Creation System’s ScrollBarEssentials class
    • This will display health above the Control Object
  • Added a Indicator Toggle draw calls to draw a selected square object around the Control Objects when selected
  • Fixed a couple bugs with multi selection
  • Added the option to have or not have a mouse cursor texture or mouse scroll direction texture
  • New Options in the Inspector tab for the ControlObjHandler

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